Originally invented for hunters to rely on Cirrus™ to help them determine the slightest wind or thermals. But very usefull for K9 search and rescue, for detection dogs, for golfers... 

The wind and thermals can be your best friend or enemy. With this device on your side, you can take advantage of wind currents you never knew existed. Found out in buildings, in hidings places (SAR) and in the area how thermals are going!

With unbelievable battery life and cartridges that last over 1000 puffs, the Cirrus™ Wind Indicator was designed to be a tool that won't let you down.

Completely travel compliant, this wind indicator does things that the others cant and last a very long time. Powders, floaters and even other vapor like products do not hold a candle to the Cirrus™ Wind Indicator.  


Improved Performance and Multi-Functional​

New FEATURES 2018 !!

Cirrus brings a multi functional tool to the pack, LEDs allow users to detect the wind and thermals in total darkness.

Red Led for stealth, white Led to be used in total darkness or as a flashlight.

Power Bank charger is built in to give you an emergency charge on your cell phone or portable electronics.